plants 2.5 - 5 m high

Some of my favourites - take the heights with a grain of salt - so much depends on growing conditions! Green foliage: Acer, e.g. Senkaki (Coral Bark Maple); Prunus, e.g. Shimidsu Sakura; Rhododendron, e.g. Cornubia; Camellia, e.g. Spring Festival; and the following NZ natives / native cultivars: Sophora fulvida; Pseudopanax, e.g. colensoi; Pittosporum, e.g. Mountain Green. Yellowish / creamish foliage: Rhododendron Cornubia Variegata; and the following NZ natives / native cultivars: Pittosporum, e.g. Tandarra Gold; Griselinia littoralis Variegata . Reddish / bronze / brownish foliage: Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple; Acer palmatum, e.g. Burgundy Lace; and the following NZ native : Pseudopanax ferox (Savage Lancewood). Silver / grey / bluish foliage: Pyrus salicifolia Pendula.


Landscape design and consulting;
Planting and pruning;
Retaining walls;
Timber fencing;
Cobblestone and flagstone paths and patios;
Stone paving and walls (subject to availability of rock);
Feature rocks;
Field drains;
Woodbark and woodmulch laid;
Instant or seeded lawns;
4WD tiptruck fro shifting material on difficult sites (2.4T payload);
Initial half to one hour consultations generally free of charge (except where a consultation-only service is required).

Native Plant Species in the Southern South Island

As time permits I have been adding lists of native plant species that grow naturally south of Mt Cook. Many of these will be found outside this region as well - ones that are only found inside this area are asterisked. For some species a more specific region may be indicated : sW = south Westland; F = Fiordland; S = Southland; St = Stewart Island; O = Otago; cO = Central Otago; M = Mackenzie Basin; n,s,e and w denote north, south, east and west ( if used at all). I have compiled these out of a tramping interest from the sources listed. I am not a botanist and would welcome correction if errors have been made. References: Walker,S., Lee,W.G., and Rogers, G.M.: The Woody Vegetation of Central Otago, New Zealand: Its Present and Past Distribution and Future Restoration Needs. Department of Conservation, Wellington, 2003. Bayly, M. and Kellow,A.: An Illustrated Guide to New Zealand Hebes. Te Papa Press, Wellington, 2006. Metcalf, L.J.: The Cultivation of New Zealand Trees and Shrubs. Reed Books, Auckland, 1991. Wilson, Hugh D.:Field Guide to Stewart Island Plants. Manuka Press, Christchurch, 1994. Landcare Research New Zealand : National Vegetation Survey Database New Zealand. Located at, H.H.: Flora of New Zealand Volume one. Government Printer, Wellington, 1982 (accessed electronically at New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network, located at

List of southern Coprosma species

  • Coprosma acerosa
  • Coprosma areolata
  • Coprosma atropurpurea
  • Coprosma cheesemanii
  • Coprosma ciliata
  • Coprosma colensoi
  • Coprosma crassifolia
  • Coprosma crenulata
  • Coprosma cuneata
  • Coprosma depressa
  • Coprosma dumosa
  • Coprosma foetidissima
  • Coprosma intertexta
  • Coprosma linariifolia
  • Coprosma lucida
  • Coprosma microcarpa(?)
  • Coprosma niphophila
  • Coprosma perpusilla ssp perpusilla
  • Coprosma petriei
  • Coprosma propinqua var. propinqua
  • Coprosma pseudocuneata
  • Coprosma repens
  • Coprosma rhamnoides
  • Coprosma rigida
  • Coprosma robusta
  • Coprosma rotundifolia
  • Coprosma rubra
  • Coprosma rugosa
  • Coprosma serrulata
  • Coprosma virescens

List of southern Dracophyllum species

  • Dracophyllum filifolium (F,nwO)
  • Dracophyllum fiordense (F,sW)
  • Dracophyllum kirkii (cO)
  • Dracophyllum longifolium (O,S,St,F,sW,M)
  • Dracophyllum menziesii (S,St,F,sW)
  • Dracophyllum muscoides (cO)
  • Dracophyllum oliveri (F)
  • Dracophyllum pearsonii (D. longifoliunX D.politum?) (St)
  • Dracophyllum politum (cO)
  • Dracophyllum pronum (cO,sO,F,M)
  • Dracophyllum prostratum (cO)
  • Dracophyllum recurvum (sW)
  • Dracophyllum traversii (F,sW)
  • Dracophyllum uniflorum (Turpentine scrub) (cO,S,F,sW,M)
  • Dracophyllum uniflorumX the following: prostratum;longifolium;muscoides;pronum;prostratum; and D. muscoidesX D. politum (cO)

List of southern Hebe Species

  • Hebe annulata* (nwS,wcO)
  • Hebe arganthera* (F)
  • Hebe biggarii* (nS)
  • Hebe buchananii (M,cO,F, coastal S, nS)
  • Hebe cantaburiensis (possibly)
  • Hebe cockayneana* (sW, nwcO, F)
  • Hebe dilatata* (nwS,nS,neS)
  • Hebe elliptica ( sW,F,S,St,O, near coast in all cases)
  • Hebe epacridea (nS,nwcO, necO,M)
  • Hebe hectorii subsp demissa* (nS,nwcO,secO)
  • Hebe hectorii subsp hectorii (M,sW,F,wS,St,wcO.)
  • Hebe imbricata* (sF,nS,swcO,secO)
  • Hebe lycopodioides( ncO,necO,M)
  • Hebe macrantha (nF,sW,ncO,M)
  • Hebe mooreae (sW,F,coastal and nS)
  • Hebe murrellii* (nwS, F)
  • Hebe odora (M,cO, O,F,S,St)
  • Hebe paludosa (sW)
  • Hebe pauciflora* (F)
  • Hebe pauciramosa (M,F,,S,St,necO)
  • Hebe petriei* (nwS, necO, wcO)
  • Hebe pimelioides subsp faucicola*(wcO)
  • Hebe pimelioides subsp pimelioides (wcO, necO, M)
  • Hebe pinguifolia (necO)
  • Hebe propinqua* (nS, cO)
  • Hebe rakaiensis (M,cO,eS, neF,nS,nwS)
  • Hebe salicifolia (M,sW,F,S,St,O)
  • Hebe subalpina (F,nwcO,sW,M)
  • Hebe treadwellii (sW,M)
  • Leonohebe (Hebe) ciliolata (possibly)
  • Leonohebe (Hebe) cuppressoides(M,ncO,nwcO)
  • Leonohebe (Hebe) tetrasticha

List of southern Nothofagus (Beech) Species

  • Nothofagus fusca (Red beech) (O,cO,S,F,sW)
  • Nothofagus menziesii (Silver beech) (O,cO,S,F,sW)
  • Nothofagus solandri (Black beech)(cO,S,F,sW)
  • Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (Mountain beech)(cO,O,S,F,sW)
  • Nothofagus truncata (Hard beech) sW

List of southern Olearia Species

  • Olearia angustifolia
  • Olearia arborescens
  • Olearia aviceniifolia
  • Olearia bullata
  • Olearia colensoi var argentea
  • Olearia colensoi var. grandis
  • Olearia crosby-smithiana
  • Olearia cymbifolia
  • Olearia fimbriata
  • Olearia fragrantissima
  • Olearia haastii
  • Olearia hectorii
  • Olearia ilicifolia
  • Olearia lacunosa
  • Olearia laxifolia
  • Olearia lineata (Olearia virgata var. lineata)
  • Olearia lyalii
  • Olearia macrodonta
  • Olearia moschata
  • Olearia nummularifolia
  • Olearia odorata
  • Olearia oleifolia
  • Olearia oporina
  • Olearia paniculata
  • Olearia rani
  • Olearia virgata
  • Olearia X mollis
  • Olearia X traillii

List of southern Pittosporum Species

  • Pittosporum anomalum(sO,F)
  • Pittosporum crassicaule(F,sW)
  • Pittosporum divaricatum (nwS,F,sW)
  • Pittosporum eugenoides (cO,O,S,St,F,sW)
  • Pittosporum obcordatum (F)
  • Pittosporum patulum (cO,M)
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium (cO,O,S,St,F,sW)
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium subsp colensoi (nwcO,F,sW)

List of southern Pseudopanax Species

  • Pseudopanax anomalus (sO, nS,St,F,sW)
  • Pseudopanax arboreus(
  • Pseudopanax arboreus(O,St,F)
  • Pseudopanax colensoi (cO,O,S,St,F,sW)
  • Pseudopanax crassifolius(cO,O,S,St,F,sW)
  • Pseudopanax ferox
  • Pseudopanax linearis(sO,cO,nS,F,sW)
  • Raukaua (Pseudopanax) edgerleyi(O,cO,S,St,F,sW)
  • Raukaua(Pseudopanax) simplex(O,cO,S,St,F,sW)

List of southern Sophora species

  • Sophora prostrata (Waitaki and north only?)
  • Sophora microphylla